November 19, 2010

How Oxygen Water Works

Benefits of Drinking Oxygen Water From The Big Pitcher

Millions are turning toward Alternate Oxygen Therapies for prevention and wellness.  The Big Pitcher, a pioneer product, is attractive, durable and will provide you with oxygenated drinking water for years. Protected by US patent number 6,712,341, The Big Pitcher provides an energy-efficient, steady supply of water saturated with dissolved oxygen at 11-15 milligrams per liter (11-15 parts per million, or ppm), the maximum natural saturation.

The Big Pitcher dissolves oxygen into your drinking water.  Oxygen is now no longer a gas, but becomes a property of the water itself. The chemical property of water, of course, is H2O, but oxygen content is a physical property of water, just as pH, temperature and purity are.

  • The Big Pitcher freshens your water for exquisite taste.
  • Oxygen-rich water is absorbed immediately by soft tissue in the mouth and esophagus.
  • Extra oxygen helps keep red blood cells healthy
  • Oxygen-rich water washes every cell with healing, cleansing oxygen
  • Extra oxygen helps cells produce more energy.
  • A healthy oxygen balance insures rapid immune system response.
  • A healthy oxygen balance keeps the body’s pH at the healthy level of about 7.4, since cellular energy is being created in an aerobic environment.

The Big Pitcher saturates your drinking water with more oxygen in less than 15 minutes and can run continually to provide you and your family healthy oxygenated water for pennies a day! Oxygenating water technology goes beyond filtration technology. This is the most convenient way to great tasting water and all for under $10 per year in energy costs.

Particulates and gases are removed and pathogens are neutralized.

Besides the benefits of having more oxygen in your drinking water, purification also occurs as fine bubbles remove particulates (organic and inorganic), physically "scrubbing" them out of solution, as well as oxidizing to some extent. In addition, the technical term for removing gases, both volatiles and semi-volatiles, is known as air sparging. And finally, an aerobic, or oxygenated, environment discourages and neutralizes the growth of pathogens in water, which are generally anaerobic. Bacteria, viruses and other pathogenic organisms will not flourish in an oxygenated environment.

The Big Pitcher gets rid of chlorine and improves the taste of your drinking water while helping deliver more oxygen to your body for cents a day and with no replaceable parts. It holds about a half gallon of water with the included pitcher.

Oxygen water will maintain at high level of oxygen in normal room temperatures for at least one hour. Oxygen levels deteriorate over time, and more rapidly in a warm or hot environment.  Over time you will notice a decrease in oxygenation due to mineral buildup, this is simple to clean.


"We have seen some change in our 96-year old male with Alzheimers... overall, more sharp and alert, more interested in what's going on in his surroundings... like he is remembering more things... the only change in his diet and medication is The Big Pitcher."
Candy L., Carpio, SD

"The Big Pitcher definitely works wonders on our chlorinated tap water. The difference in the smell and taste is remarkable. It makes it more lively--kind of effervescent."
Mike H., Salado, CO

"Thank you so much for coming up with the idea of making oxygenated water at home. I have a chronic immune system ailment that requires medications along with vitamin supplementation. My doctor recommended oxygen enriched water, purchased commercially, which added energy to my usually tiring (and trying) days. The cost caused me to search around for an affordable source. Now that I have my own "Pitcher", I have an endless affordable supply."
Sara M., Houston, TX

"Amazing product. I understand just how important oxygen is to your body! The Big Pitcher really delivers. My energy level jumpled up in the past week. It also makes the water more smooth and tasty! I highly recommend The Big Pitcher."
Scotty, Sky Mall Magazine Customer

"Shortly after I decided to start drinking bottled oxygenated water, I saw The Bit Pitcher at a Home and Garden Show. I couldn't believe that someone had actually come up with a system to make oxygenated water. Needless to say, I purchased a unit immediately. The unit paid for itself in under a month."
Bob M., Houston, TX